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Paint Your Kitchen Bundle Kit
Paint Your Kitchen Bundle Kit
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Paint Your Kitchen Bundle Kit

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Follow along on my Kitchen Renovation! Get your very own starter kit to make over your kitchen cabinets or any projects you have in mind. 

Create your renovision and save with this bundle!

$170 worth of products at a savings to you 

Kit includes: 

x 1 500ml pint of your colour choosing

x1 ClingOn Brush that works for you project

x1 bottle of Fusion Degreaser - to clean your project 

x1 bottle of Fusion Ultra Grip - an adhesive if your surface can't be sanded 

x 1 Sanding Sponge and 2 sanding pads to prep your project

x 1 container of wax - to add sheen and softness 

x 1 bottle of extender - to reduce brush strokes

x 1 jar of brush soap - to clean and keep your brush bristles conditioned