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Prima Stick & Style Mini Dot Stencil Roll 7" x 3yds (6" design)
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Prima Stick & Style Mini Dot Stencil Roll 7" x 3yds (6" design)

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Redesign with Prima's "Stick and Style" adhesive Stencil Roll "Mini Dots" dis easy to use. A versatile stencil roll with a gentle adhesive back and a continuous pattern for use on walls, furniture and much more. Flexible and applicable to nearly all surfaces, Stick & Style can be used on glass, fabric and other uneven surfaces, with a clean and easy application each time!

Once done, Stick & Style can be re-used or simply trim the used area off and begin with a fresh stencil! Each roll pattern measures 7 inches and 9 feet in length. Simply cut what you need.

Use them to easily beautify your furniture, walls and more - creating a unique, gorgeous look.

- Never wash a stencil again
- Repositionable
- No leakage
- No seeping
- Firm positioning
- Non-slipping
- Continuous and repeatable design
- Easy to line up
- Reuse multiple times
- Professional results


1. Clean the surface you will be stenciling thoroughly, making sure it is free of any debris. Roll out the desired length of the Stick & Style stencil roll and carefully adhere it onto surface.

2. Use a Spread Pal or palette knife to apply your desired medium, making sure you spread it evenly.

3. Once done, carefully peel away stencil, revealing a crisp design. Stencil may be reused if cleaned properly several times. Used areas can be cut apart from roll.

Link to Spread Pals: https://www.etsy.com/listing/715165321/redesign-prima-silicone-applicator