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Exploration IOD Transfer 12 x 16 8 sheets
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Exploration IOD Transfer 12 x 16 8 sheets

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Featuring a vintage travel aesthetic, the IOD Explorations Transfer will transport you back in time. Old-time bicycles, classic steam engines, airplanes, and hot air balloons will take your DIY project anywhere you want to go.

This high-quality rub-on transfer comes on a non-stick carrier sheet in a 12-inch x 16-inch pad. With eight unique sheets, this transfer is designed to allow you to mix and match pieces. Sprinkle it across several DIY decor projects to create a cohesive interior design aesthetic. The pad format makes it easy and efficient to store transfer pieces on their non-stick backings.

IOD Decor Transfers are a brand new way to put your own unique style into your home decor. Transfers are intricately designed with a protective backing, once peeled, the designs simply rubs on with the included transfer stick.

IOD Décor Transfers™ are designed in scale and motif to be appropriate for decor. Use them to add a unique touch to your furniture projects, wall art or accessories. Pressure sensitive, you apply them by rubbing them onto the surface. Ensure a long lasting result by sealing with a quality sealer.

Transfers can be mixed and matched in all kinds of combinations so your designs are truly one of a kind.

Transfer sheets measure 12" x 16”. 8 sheets total.. May be cut or trimmed to fit your specific project.

Material: Transfer is made of plastic and is cuttable to enable you to create your own original piece! Transfers are intended for one use only.