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Ink Grey Stone
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Ink Grey Stone

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Iron Orchid Designs - Decor Ink

For use with IOD Stamps

IOD Decor Ink (2 oz.) is the result of a close collaboration with Iron Orchid Designs' ink specialist. They have developed it to be the first ink made specifically for decor use. Use on walls, furniture and fabrics with IOD Decor stamps to create distinctive pieces for your home; Fabric, furniture, walls and more!

Pigment rich, Archival, acid free, and fade resistant. Waterproof and permanent on recommended surfaces, when dry. Dry time depends on surface and conditions. 

The inks are bright and saturated, because it’s easy to desaturate and lighten, but not the opposite. So, if you want a more muted colour, you can add a drop of black, or, if you want to lighten it up, you can add the IOD Mixing White.  But, to mix IOD Décor Ink, you do not need any mixative, just mix the colours together.

The IOD Mixing White is called that because it isn’t as opaque as a standalone white would be, as it was designed to lighten up other colours.  For example, if you want to make pink, you would use the IOD Tomotto Ink and the IOD Mixing White. You CAN use IOD Mixing White alone, but it’s a bit sheer, so just keep that in mind. If you have used blending white vs titanium white in acrylic artists paints, it’s kind of like that.

Other products to use with the inks are the IOD Brayer and the IOD Ink Pads.