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Pressed Fern 37ml
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Pressed Fern 37ml

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Fusion Mineral Paint is a 100% acrylic resin paint without vinyl or excessive fillers that can be used for both indoor and outdoor application. Fusion pigments are all derived from natural organic or inorganic minerals, and the paint is 100% non-toxic with non VOCs. Fusion Mineral Paint has offers a built-in top coat that is UV, water and stain resistant, meaning that it doesn't need to be waxed or sealed.

Fusion paint can be coated with oil, wax or even water-based varnish to increase durability or create worn or antique effects and more. Fusion Mineral Paint has also a metallic color palette.

Fusion is dry to the touch in approximately 30 minutes, and ca be used on just about everything, such as furniture, front doors, dining tables, kitchen and bathroom cabinets. All Fusion Mineral Paints can be intermixed, allowing for an infinite possibility of custom colours. Each pint of Fusion Mineral Paint covers approximately 75 square feet - which is about two coats on a large dresser.

  • Premium Grade Acrylic
  • Non-Toxic and VOC Free
  • 7 year shelf life
  • Non-Yellowing
  • Durable
  • Exceptional Coverage