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Fusion Mineral Paint Finishing Product - Fresco
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Fusion Mineral Paint Finishing Product - Fresco

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Fresco is a powdered texture additive that makes it easy to get a chalky, rustic, seaswept, or highly textured finish. Using Fresco is as easy as mixing it into Fusion Mineral Paint and applying it.

Fresco is 100% Natural and contains no VOCs. Depending on your mix and application, you will get a different end result. More fresco creates more texture, less will create a smooth chalky finish.

This product is extremely versatile and can be applied using a brush, sponge, spatula, or any other application tool to create various effects and textures. Can be applied to fabric, metal, wood, plastic, painted surfaces, non-oil, no wax surfaces. Can be coated with paint.

  • Can be top coated to accentuate texture
  • Highly water resistant - No top coat required
  • Great for finding imperfections in furniture
  • Ideal to use for embossing through stencil patterns to create a raised effect.